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Due to the developing Covid19 situation, all groups are being held on Zoom. For an alternate group date or individual session, email us at jeffcape@charronservices.com with your name, email address, and time and date needed.

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Charron Services’ journey started with a desire to improve the lives of children. This focus expanded to encompass survivors of sexual assault (children, adults, male, female, transgender), substance use, trauma and domestic violence. In the last 15 years there has been expansion into working with agencies and other professionals to develop, improve, clarify, define and refine.


Flexibility is the hallmark of our practice, meeting individual clients at unusual hours, being available by email, text or phone are part of what is offered to individuals seeking individual counseling. Programs, professionals and individuals can receive services customized to their needs, timeframes and budget. These include consultation, supervision, program development and trainings on a myriad of topics.


The guiding principle for Charron Services is presumption of competence. The belief that everyone is capable of becoming who they would like to be. The work with men who’ve been abusive to their partners and with women who use force is rooted in historical experience working with individuals who have survived trauma and have multiple problems in their lives. Understanding that abuse is a choice individuals make and that a framework for individual accountability needs to be established and promoted are foundational in the intervention work.

Community Engagement

Charron Services is further committed to the necessity that the programs and services offered be done in conjunction with community collaboration. Therefore, we are involved in local, state and national councils and task forces.

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A self paced intervention program for abusive men



An intervention program for women who have used force



Training for a variety of situations, customized by topic and timeframe



A wide range of therapeutic services for individuals and families