Training Services

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
-Ralph Marston

Charron Services is able to provide training on a variety of topics and are customized by topic and timeframe. There are no geographic limitations on where training can be provided. Multiple modalities including seminar, key note, full or multi day trainings are available.

Most common popular topics include:

  • Substance abuse treatment issues
  • Sexual abuse, Domestic violence
  • Working with trauma
  • Skills for therapists and social workers
  • Women who use force
  • Conceptual clarity

Types of training

  • Curriculum:

    There is a 6 hour video training of the curriculum, broken into segments available to facilitators. This allows individuals to learn specifically about the curriculum before any in person training. The programs can access the training any time they add new staff or need clarification or a refresher.

  • Fundamentals Training:

    This is a one or two day training that covers philosophy and clarification about what constitutes abuse, how to create a conceptually clear program, issues to address with participants, survivors and others invested community members. Day one explores common myths about anger, substance use, mental illness and their connection to abusive behavior choices. It also provides historical perspective, storytelling, and experiential exercises. Discussion, power point, music, interactive exercises and videos on various components of abusive behavior are utilized throughout. Practical strategies and analogies are shared. Day two covers facilitation skills, trauma informed perspective and includes a half day experiential group facilitation role play which uses the exercises from the HEAL curriculum to provide structure but is focused on enriching facilitator skills. Training is not HEAL specific.

  • Enhanced Skill Training:

    These trainings are customized to topics or skills of interest. They are designed to go in depth on particular topics or skills for facilitators who already are running programs and looking for ways to enhance their knowledge and skills. Topics include Myth busting, Barriers, Boundaries, Creativity, coordination, collaboration, assessment, access, fatherhood, etc. Sessions can be repeated or a new one can be presented/created every year. This training is not HEAL specific but previous fundamental training is recommended.

  • Onsite Fishbowl:

    This training can be an add on to either basic or enhanced skills. A local provider has a group of their participants in a group and attendees are allowed to sit in an outer circle and observe. Confidentiality forms are signed by all training observers and consent to participate are signed by all group participants. Trainer(s) participate as guest facilitator(s). Debriefing is done with agency staff and observers with the focus on engagement, skills, group dynamics, etc.

  • Supervision:

    Video supervision is available as frequently as requested, This is usually 90 min ( can be adjusted up or down) group video conference where participants bring questions and issues and work with trainer and each other to better understand what they are doing or strategize options for resolution. Live supervision is available similar to fishbowl but with no observers.

Additional information

Standard Customized Workbook:

The HEAL workbook can be customized for a program with their logo, welcome letter, rules, personal header and footer. A pdf is provided and programs can be copied as often as required. Consultation on keeping policies conceptually clear included at no additional charge.


Training cost is based on length of training and location, call for quote.